Vivacious Braiding & Weaving  - 30 years of Braid Excellence
Solange BraidsSenegalese Twists


 Tree Braids,  weaving, Freestyle braids, Interlock Braids, Invisble Braids, Sew In+Freestyle, kinky bobs, Micro Twists, Micro Mohawk, Corn Row Mohawk, Corn Rows with an afro, Kinky Twists, elegant up do's & so much more. Choose your design or let's create one for you.

Freaked Corn RowsAfrican hair BraidsAfrican hair BraidingAfrican Hair Braiding
Child twisted corn rowsRear Pony Tail MensRear view
Up DoGoddess Goddess BraidsTrack Less Weaving
Ghana Braids
Not all styles are for glamour some enhance hair growth and provide convenience!
We NEED MODELS...In the event you have damaged, thinning hair and are willing to wear braids please contact us.
Ask about our referal program and bonus program
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