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Paut Neter African Essence available for damaged & thinning hair. This hair food provides moisture & more.  If you are looking to reduce shedding, breakage, thinning, balding hair this is for you.  All natural shea butter based hair food blended with natural oils & herbs leaving you with a non-greasy feeling. Paut Neter is safe, natural & non-toxic with NO preservatives. Topical so just apply to your challenged area and let it work its magic! Safe for men women & Children.
6 oz size available
Hydration Steam  Conditions Available- Excellent for Dry Scalp, Dandruff, Excema & placing moisture back into the hair.

Free Shea Butter Hot Oil treatment with your next visit!  Soothe your scalp, & moisturize all at once.
After                                before

Start your journey to inexpensive hair growth now!...Paut Neter African Essence.                        
We have braid sprays too! - itchy dry scalp & freshen your braids or Weaves.  You must protect your hair while wearing braids,exstenions & Weaves.  Get yours while they last!
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